Thursday, December 3, 2020

Lucy Boston EPP and Gemology

 During the summer and fall, guild members participated in two sew alongs to build skills: Lucy Boston (English Paper Piecing - EPP) and Gemology (Paper Piecing).  We had frequent get togethers via Zoom to discuss the process and show each other our progress.  Below are some examples of members products.

The Lucy Boston blocks are a fun challenge in terms of fussy cutting to create interesting designs and color interaction.  They are also nice because one can do the hand-sewing just about anywhere!

Robin made this colorful table mat out of her Lucy Boston blocks.

Karen's Lucy Boston blocks focused on blue and green fabrics and she was very prolific!

Next are Ren√©'s multicolored Lucy Boston blocks.

Gail's Lucy Boston squares show how different the blocks can look!

Patty did both the Lucy Boston and Gemology sew-alongs.

And, here are Ophelia's gems!

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