Wednesday, January 13, 2021

January 2021 Raffle & Meeting

Please join us and our guest speaker, Luke Haynes, at  our upcoming January 19 meeting (Tuesday at 7 pm).  More information on Mr. Haynes unique quilting style follows.  We also have another great raffle with three prizes shown (pictures at the end of the post).  Please purchase your tickets via the Paypal button below.  If you want to buy more than one set of an item's tickets, you can return to the button after you make a purchase or change the number of ticket sets for an item at the Paypal site.  The raffle is closed.

Subverting the traditional quilting form by integrating modern concepts, Luke's art transforms the comfortably familiar into the visually evocative. He was born and raised across the American South. With a formal training in art and architecture at Cooper Union, New York, Haynes continues to experiment with quilting art while exploring art and architecture across the globe.

A chance encounter with a box of fabric remnants sparked Mr. Haynes' imagination. His first quilt, measuring 7′ x 10′, led him through years of experimentation and improvements over the years that he has been quilting.  Further honing his style, Mr. Haynes developed a system to piece manageable parts into a larger whole, applying a modern design sense to a familiar process. He uses reclaimed materials from the communities he works with in his projects to speak with the textile language of the area.

Luke will take us through his journey, speak to his "quilts as art" goals, and show us numerous examples of his extraordinary quilts.

Don't miss this unique and inspiring talk!  


Raffle # 1 Guicy Guice Prism 12 Half Yard Cuts

Raffle # 2 Alexia Abegg Golden Hour - 18 Fat Quarters

Raffle #3 Karen Lewis Screen Printing Kit