Tuesday, July 16, 2019

June 2019 Show & Tell

René showed a stunning  peachy orange and green star Ricky Tims kaleidoscope quilt. 

The back of the quilt uses up the fabric.

Another quilt by René  hanging around unfinished -- a Michael Miller challenge.  Very cool, and she handquilted it, going to charity.

René Rene's Latifah Safir workshop quilt -- very fun!  

Last one for René, made out of flannel in the country style.  Donating to charity (goal of 12 to charity this year!!).  Awesome.  

Laurie, showed a finish for her nephew born in February.  Wonderful animal prints!

Laurie also showed a cute scrappy quilt, which is for her four year old who is obsessed with orange.  

Robin made this I-Spy quilt for her granddaughter, with minky on the back.

Karen showed an impressive Jen Kingwell Long Time Gone pattern finish which she started two years ago.  Awesome job and clearly a lot of work!

Ophelia joined us three years ago, and appreciates how all of us are doing crazy things.  This is a block of the month set in an Amy Gibson pattern with sixteen squares.  Because she just had the 12 blocks of the month she improvised an additional four are down the middle with low volume color.  Very cool.

Carolanne had a tell about her new sewing room.  In cleaning up she has two tubs of garment fabric available!  Contact her if you are interested.

Simone showed a quilt her mother completed which is donated to charity.

Simone's second quilt is a fun one with a variety of pumpkins!  This was for a friend going through a slow recovery from serious injuries who loves orange and Halloween.  

Suzy showed a beautiful scrappy quilt with words in the middle, made for her 16 year old niece.  

Detail of Suzy's quilt.  Wonderful!!

Annique presented this wonderful pastiche of various women wearing pearls as a challenge to make something with pearls.  She got two ribbons for this!  What fun!

Lastly,  Debbie showed us her finish with modern owls of various color combinations for her grandson, who loves owls.  Lovely!

Sunday, July 14, 2019

July 2019 Meeting Reminder

Our July meeting will take place on Tuesday, July 16th at 7pm at the Glen Abbey Clubhouse!! Doors open at 6:30ish if you would like to come early for some pre-meeting sew-cializing!

Meeting Address: Our special summer party will take place at the Glen Abbey Clubhouse which is just a few minutes from our normal meeting location. The address will be emailed. This meeting will be a potluck. Please bring whatever you would like, we did not pass around a sign-up sheet. 

Programming: Our programming this month is all about our scrap challenge! Back in April we swapped quart sized bags of scraps and this month we'll be sharing our projects to inspire each other! Sarah got some pretty cool prizes for those who participated in the challenge. A reminder on the challenge: Use provided scraps + 1 solid of your choice to create anything, anything at all. A pillow, a zippy bag, potholders, a full quilt. Anything at all. 

Show and Tell: Make sure to bring your finishes for show and tell this month. Remember, each item you bring to show and tell in 2019 enters you into a special year-end raffle. 

Fall Retreat: It's time to sign-up for Fall Retreat, wahoo! You can do so via PayPal on our website here, or with cash or check at our meeting.

Giveaways and Raffles: Giveaway: Three fat quarters from Benartex

Raffle #1: Layer cake of Smitten by Bonnie and Camille

Raffle #2: Latest issue of Curated Quilts

We'll see you on Tuesday!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

May 2019 Show & Tell

Denise showed us a really cute colorful scrappy quilt, front and back!

Michelle showed off her oldest WIP from the Letitia Safir workshop.

Michelle's second WIP has little birds in the birdhouses -- totally cute!  From the Modern Patchwork book.

Sandy shared her New York City skyline bag using the "Show Off" pattern, designed for big prints.

Sandy also completed a T-Shirt quilt with school colors.

Julie had a colorful random block WIP!

Donna did an experiment with flannel, minky and yarn to get the intricate pattern.  Very cool!

Kathy did this quilt for her husband - very bright colors, with minky on the back!

Ellen made this with quilt with her twin sister Eileen based on a  modern art T-Shirt quilt collected by a relative from all around the world.

Allison  is at her last meeting with us, and showed two cute mini-quilts. We will miss her!

Betsey showed several items - first a Redwood Tote using a Noodlehead pattern.

Next is an Alison Glass design, very dramatic!

Lastly a Diva Clutch with lots of partitions to organize in!

Betsey's Gypsy Wife's quilt -- beautiful colors!

Lastly Betsey showed a little pouch in bright colors.

Lorie showed quilt tops for her teachers, the first being scrappy equilateral triangles ...

and a paddle quilt top!

Chelsea did the Meadowlands pattern, really pretty!

Suzie showed this delicate quilt which is in lovely pink and blue pastels!

Did this quilt using various fabrics from her client.  DID I MISS ONE/

Robin showed us two pouches she made.

She also presented a dramatic butterfly quilt.

The reverse side is a big flower!  What a surprise!

Leslie did wonky courthouse steps pattern.  And Ophelia did the quilting.

Ophelia showed us a quilt starting from the modest back ....

and then showing the gorgeous front with a detailed pieced star in the center, pattern by Nancy Ring!

The closeups try to show some of the beautiful quilting she did and corded flange binding!

Sarah is doing a lot of baby quilts -- her very cute quilt has orphan house blocks and will maintain its improv style.

Sarah did this quilt at retreat, and is made with fish fabric, that you can see if you look closely!