Thursday, October 31, 2019

A Special Quilt for a Special Lady


Earlier this month, two dozen NHMQG members ventured to Cape Cod for our annual fall quilt retreat. As usual, the event was a huge success … We retreat goers chipped away at our WIPs. We ate nice meals. We took walks along the beach. And we bought more than our fair share of fabric at local quilt shops. : )


The place where we both sewed and stayed was the Lighthouse Inn in Dennis, MA. For many of us, a highlight of the weekend was presenting Judith, the person at the inn who organizes these retreats for us, with a quilt. It was our way of thanking her for seeing to our every need during these weekends away and for making these trips such memorable experiences (so much that we keep coming back year after year!).

What many of us did not know until we presented Judith with this gift is that this is her last season at the inn. We wish her all the best as she makes this move!

This project is Ahoy Sailor by Suzy Quilts and features fabric from Bonnie and Camille’s Daysail collection as well as selections from Loved to Pieces by Mathew Boudreax and Sirena by Jessica Swift. Many thanks to Michelle, Tiffany, René, and Ellen for their contributions in piecing, quilting, and completing this project. And a special thanks to Betsy for coordinating the trip on behalf of the guild.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

September 2019 Show & Tell

Denise showed us this beautiful chromatic table runner!!

Denise also showed us her finish of the Gypsy Wives quilt. Super cool colors with a very nice border to match.

Denise's next quilt was colorful with various pieces telling stories. 

Last Denise had this three D blocks quilt, which is very optical!

Brianna made this very cheerful quilt for a woman at her work to support her recovery from cancer. 

Donna did a Kaffe Fassett mystery quilt.  Super gorgeous saturated colors.  She got monthly installments so it took a while. Beautiful!

The back of Donna's quilt is a very bright pink  Kaffe Fassett print!

Ophelia showed off her whole cloth quilting -- the thread stands out from the green fabric.  Very elegant! 

This is the other side of Ophelia's whole cloth quilt; unfortunately it does't stand out as much in this picture. 

Suzie showed us three slightly different Harry Potter quilts, all of which are incredibly cute. 

Ooohs and ahs for the back of the third Harry Potter quilt! Everything is pieced, not appliqué.

René showed us this very cute snail quilt she did as a pattern test.  She will donate to Linus project.  Ophelia quilted it.

René also presented this Christmas quilt.

René's last quilt uses two charm packs.  The colors stand out very nicely from the white background.  

Ellen made a bionic gear bag.  She included a spot for her tools and space for other equipment.

Lorie showed us this red, green and aqua colors, and is a Michelle inspired quilt, in a baby quilt size. Very cute!

Lorie did this as a charity quilt in sports team colors.

And this is a second version with different colors. Nice graphic effects.  Ophelia quilted with a football pattern!  Will be for charity.

 Susan made a little quilt with striped materials.  This truly catches the eye!

Laurie showed two quilts made from the same pattern.  The first is a memory quilt with a what she characterized as a "weird" color combination given the fabrics she had to work with.

The second is the same design for her son.

Laurie made this cute quilt for her son with three colors and soft backing.

This Churn Dash quilt has been four years in the making -- interesting to see how the various color combinations work.

Robin showed this colorful compass point quilt, with some rearrangement and adjustments from the pattern.

Aleksandra showed us her latest purse finish.  Very natty with the pink and grey plaid!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

August 2019 Show & Tell

Note to members:  Your Show & Tell reporter is going to try to do a little more processing on the photos, as they come out pretty dark and it seems that some cropping helps remove the distractions and focuses on the quilt or other item being shown.  At the same time, if I rush too fast to get a shot, your picture may be fuzzy, so please give me a chance to take a couple of shots to be sure I have a good one.  Thanks.

Sarah showed us this cross colorful baby quilt. The design is from the Modern Plus Quilt book by Cheryl Brickey.  

Second quilt from Sarah based on a free pattern from Cloud Nine website titled Chromatic. Very fun!

Sarah did this quilt from the scrappy quilt handbook that Chelsea provided all of us.  Beautiful colors!

Laurie showed a cute flowery bag with red highlights.

Lorie also showed a quilt she made for her seven week old baby.

Laurie's third quilt dates from her time in Colorado.  Nice colorful blocks!

Laurie's last quilt has a very cute kitten hiding in one of the blocks!

Diane finished this quilt at May retreat, double-cross pattern. Great color gradations.

This is the back of Diane's quilt using the same fabrics as in the front.

Lorie brought Emily and showed her first pieced top.  Great job!

Lorie showed us this finish two years in the making that she is gifting to her neighbor for her expected baby girl.

Lorie's third very large quilt is this attractive diagonal pattern of smaller squares. A lot of work went into this!

Annick showed us this very cute spring landscape mini made with polka dot puffs.

Ellen completed this bright colored Christmas-themed quilt, that she has worked on at retreats. It is based on a So Fresh Quilts pattern, and she did her own layout.  Ophelia helped with the quilting. Very cute!

A visitor showed us her finished quilt with orange lizards in the the quilting!

Kathy went to the Maine Quilt show and she got a gift basket from her friend.

Kathy also made this cover for her featherweight machine using the Essex Linen and incorporating the Singer panel.

Kathy's third show is a quilt used up a box full of selvedges, sewing them onto the telephone book paper.  Bright and cheerful!

Alexandra showed the group a skirt she made and a purse for her mother.  Very pretty fabric, lots of  pockets and large!

Gail showed several projects.  The first is her Mod Mountains quilt top, a pattern by Suzy Quilts. 

Next is a small version of Elizabeth Hartmann's Greenhouse pattern that Gail won at the May retreat in Kennebunkport.

Gail's third is a fully quilted pattern she did with the help of her daughter using the Caturday fabric print. It was a lot lot of fun and daughter will enjoy it as it has cats, and she will be in no danger of allergies kicking up!

And the back of the Caturday quilt with some piecing including a selvedge piece identifying the fabric .

Ophelia has been very busy, and had a number of shows. First up was a grey and black log-cabin with diagonal black and grey strips, but she ran out of fabric.  

So the next is another log cabin but emphasizing light and dark squares and much larger -- very dramatic!

Ophelia's third show is a pinwheel style using a Denyce Schmidt pattern quilted with her own design.

 Next up is a grey and white quilt with gold highlights. The small white squares really pop out of the design.

Apologies for the out-of-focus shot, but this round jelly roll rug was very colorful and cute!

Ophelia finished her Gypsy's Wife quilt.  Very nice contrast between the warm blocks and the grey background.