Wednesday, August 12, 2020

August Meeting and Raffle

 The August Raffle has 3 really great prizes!!

Everything you need to make Curvelets is in this box!  Teeny tiny curvlets are fun, addictive and can go anywhere.  You can make these on your porch, at the beach, in a hammock...anywhere!  Get together with your friends for a chat and make curvelets!

At our August meeting, Betsy will be showing us the curvelets she has made.

And we will share a MQG video by Jen Carlton Bailey on how to make Curvelets.

Raffle #2  Anna Maria Horner Hindsight - 3 Prints One Yard Cuts

Raffle #3  Anna Maria Horner Hindsight - 3 Prints One Yard Cuts

NEW THIS MONTH -- You can buy raffle tickets for specific prizes! 

Remember that you can participate in the Raffle even if you cannot attend the meeting!    Winners will receive their prizes either by picking up from a Board member or in some cases the prize will be mailed.  

NOTE --  (1) you can increase your purchase if you want when you are in the Paypal payment app.
                (2) if you want to buy tickets for more than one item, when you are in the Paypal app hit                         "keep shopping" and it will bring you back to this page, and you can select another item. 

The raffle is closed!  Thanks to everyone who purchased tickets.