Tuesday, February 21, 2023

February Meeting Recap and Notes


February 8, 2023 Meeting

Housekeeping & Announcements

Welcome to newcomers!

  • Raya, Peggy, Shelly, Lisa

Reminder: all NHMQG Members get access to the mother guild (Modern Quilt Guild! Lots of patterns and quilt-y news!

  • Modernquiltguild.org 

Next Meeting is Tuesday March 14, AT CHURCH

  • NOTE that this is a CHANGE to the original plan and handouts!

Member Directory!

  • Pat & Marie created a membership directory

  • Includes members contact info & social media handles

  • If you are not there, reach out! It is ever-growing and changing!


  •  passed at last board meeting

  • Grew up to the next tier of membership!

  • Retreat

  • May 11-14; 

  • Single or Double; 2-3 Night stayers

    • CHECK: 3 night single 470, 3 night double 356, 2 night single 335, 2 night double 253

    • PAY PAL would increase these prices

    • If we overbook, some people are flexible to convert single > double (reach out)

    • Only 2 spots left (as of this email/post)

      • All inquirers must email Lori to check in about payment and availability (Lori's email is noted in this month's email)

Sewing Bee

  • Bring a project, hand sewing or machine! Sew along with fellow members, and enjoy the process & fellowship

  • Sunday March 19th;

    • stop by for however long between 9am-4pm!

  • RSVP to Ophelia by Thursday, please

    • Phone # & address disclosed in personal email, not website! :) 

Thank you!

  • Lynn & Marylou for snacks & refreshments

  • Susan & Steph for being “welcomers” for the meeting

  • Helen for helping hold the quilts in almost every picture :)!

Raffles & Prizes

  • Door prize: Jennifer

  • Fabric Raffle: Marie

  • Bits and Pieces Card: Pat McGaw 

Show and Tell

  • Brianna

    • Bag

    • Wallet hand sew from video tutorial

  • Jennifer

    • Cats! Did cats 5 years ago, 

    • Custom quilting 

  • Nova Star

  • Simone

    • For her daughter, blues are batik scraps

  • Grandson loves dr seuss, custom quilting

  • Susan

    • Crosses

  • Ashley

    • Just started, but sharing for accountability! Sue spargo! Keep it going!

  • Rene

    • Alaska Quilt Pattern by Edyta Sitar/Laundry Basket Quilts

  • Julie

    • Little llamas

  • Husbands xmas present, Harley themed; spark plugs and tires

  • Amy butler, fat quarter pack of her faves; chain mail quilting pattern

  • Maura

    • Hexagon quilt based on Settlers of Catan Board game

    • Machine quilted the game pieces on each hex!

  • Chelsea

    • Fall retreat; learning to love orange?!

  • Hand quilted!!!

  • Patty

    • Minky galore! Tilda embroidery! Pink door quilting gave her a kit! 

  • Jelly roll pattern

  • Baby quilt for friend, susie quilted the whales!

  • Another baby quilt, fussy cutting, moon phase quilting!

  • Morrocan tiles sew kind of wonderful! Kaffe on back! 

  • Brenda

    • Mini quilt swap online! Needle turn applique, 

  • Another quilt swap, modern quilt guild quilt swap during quilt con and mail swap! 

  • Laurie

    • Bibs and burp clothes drive with her church, we are all invited to help her out! Details attached***(in emails)

      • If you have some flannel to donate!!

    • Daughters piano teacher loves horses, treasure box pattern!

  • Patty 

    • Crib quilt; first time free motion quilting 

  • Strip pieced;

  • Shelly

    • Never quilted before! Simone helped her out! Alison glass pattern, planning to straight line quilt

  • Ophelia

    • 3 yard donna Robinson ; can do with 4 pink 4 blue 4 white FQs! Used rest of FQs on backing

  •  Gudrun Erla pattern; ingrid; really easy, strip piecing;  design wall helps!

  • Sonia

    • Wheelchair quilt & children’s quilt for charity (not pictured) 

Sunday, February 5, 2023

February 2023 Meeting and Raffle


Hi Everyone!

Here are the raffles for the upcoming meeting, Thursday February 9, 2023. We will be gathering at the First Church in Nashua. Meeting starts at 7, fellowship at 6:30,

1 Concord Street,
Nashua, NH 03064

Also, here is a link to last month's meeting recap! ~~**January Meeting Recap**~~

 Raffle is now closed, see you all at the meeting! 

Raffle 1:

The first raffle consists of 32 Tula Pink fat quarters, 

Raffle 2:

A $150 Bits 'n Pieces Gift Card, along with a free yard of fabric every month!


Good luck and see you Thursday!


January 2023 Meeting Recap

Happy New Year Quilters!

 Our first meeting of 2023 was a strong start! Turn-out was incredible, and spirits were high! Below is a summary of the meeting notes, along with some photos of our beautiful Show-and-Tell. Check out the blog for more details about each of the quilts (patterns, fabrics, stories, etc.)!

Meeting Recap: January 10, 2023

“Doors Open” 6:30; Meeting 7:00 - 9:00 pm

  1.  Introductions 

    1. Board Members stepping down for 2023; Jennifer Marks, Chelsea Folini, & Lorri Wurtzler

      1. Thank you for all of your contributions & service on the Board!

    2. New Board (*denotes new member)

      1. President: Ophelia Chang*

      2. Treasurer: Marie Joerger

      3. Vice Presidents of Programming & Events: Susie Boots & Karen Gilbert*

      4. Secretary: Pat John

      5. Retreat: Lori Breen

      6. Hospitality: Carol DiPirro

      7. Charity: Lesley Lindahl

      8. Communications: Brianna Henningsen & Maura McDonnell*

    3. Shout out to our lovely greeters tonight, Sonia & MaryLou

      1. Let us know if you would like to be a greeter in a future meeting!

  2. Membership for 2023

    1. Dues = $65

  3. Raffle!

    1. Tonight raised $390 (that is $160 profit for the Guild!)

    2. Fabric: Joy (bought online)

    3. Iron: Ophelia 

  4. Spring Retreat: Thurs. May 11 - Sun. May 14th

    1. Francisican Guest House in Kennebunk Maine

    2. Thurs May 11- Sunday May 14th (Mother's Day weekend)

    3. 1pm start and 1 pm end

    4. Guest rooms: 3pm check in, 11 am check out

    5. No meals included

    6. Pricing:

      1. 3 nights (single room) $455, (double room) $345

      2. 2 nights [FRI/SAT ONLY] (single room) $325, (double room) $245

    7. Payment will be open at next meeting

      1. Highly prefer to pay by check!!!

      2. Paypal can charge larger fee

    8. Once posted, can we sign up online? 

      1. Board will discuss and share (via email!)

    9. “Single & looking list”? (want a double room but do not have a specific roomie in mind)

      1. Yes! Send us an email!

  5. Charity

    1. The Guild donated 39 quilts last year (~one quilt/person!)

    2. Looking to donate to Sleep in Heavenly Peace this year & foster home preparation packets in 2023

    3. Wheelchair quilts!

      1. Leslie looking into these patterns, 

      2. Any ideas/connections to nursing homes/needs? 

      3. Any ideas for patterns?

    4. Still have a small leftover stockpile (quilt tops not needed most)

      1. Currently looking for volunteers to QUILT & BIND

    5. Jan/Feb mainly working on getting through stash

      1. March perhaps can check in on new projects!

  6. Yard Sale!

    1. Great stuff, low prices, stash busting!

    2. Start to accumulate fabrics, patterns, recent magazines & books, rulers, etc. 

      1. Price notions yourselves

      2. Fabric will be priced by board

    3. February Meeting @ Church (Snow date March OR April, check in with Ophelia)

  7. Sewing Bee

    1. Ophelia will host at her home this year (see schedule on website & blog!)

    2. 3rd Sunday of odd Months

      1. Try to let Ophelia know if you can attend ahead of time! 

  8. Show & Tell

    1. Lynn: Charity for Quilts for survivors in Canada of residential schools; (minky backing)

  1. Sonia: (Fabric dyed piece) of a seashore

  1. MaryLou: Self quilted mountain wall hanging

  1. Patty: Started at retreat in May! 

  1. Hannah: Pattern: (My favorite Colors is Moda, Fabric: Crystal Cool)


 Sue: Christmas gift from an old friend. They collected quilts and this one deteriorated, so she salvaged a small piece! (silk hand pieced on paper)

  1. Lori B: Started at a retreat at the Cape, 102” square! (Kaffe & Linen background)

  1. Laurie M.

    1. 5 year finish, sold for 500$ for relief in Colorado (Stitched in Color Tutorial with scraps; backing is from Mardens!)

  1. Penguins! For the 3yr old

  1. Lions, so many pieces 95/lion! 

  1. Susan: beautiful fabric quilted together, (Lawn fabric & cotton knit jersey, very drapey!)

  1. Helen: first paper pieces! (scraps by Ophelia)

  1. Beth: 2021 the quilt show block of the month, left on design wall for a year, using stash pieces to finish! Lots of  easter eggs in the quilting; kittens, curtains in windows, flowers in windows! (FPP using freezer paper; Kaffe Facet 85 red binding, Louise Klara of K7Quilting, Millefleur backing KaffeFacet, Label made in PPT then saved into JPEG, spoonflower can print a sample for 5$! 

  1. Ophelia:

    1. Charity quilts 3 yard quilt by donna robinson, using a ton on FQs (~4-5 FQ around the same color)

  1. Another 3 yard quilt


  1. Block swap from last year!block by Karen Avery, used as design for assembly (top center) Robin ruth rulers, double batting to show quilting

  1. Started at last retreat in Wells, Pattern online for a wall hanging, blew it up and added blocks, (Marsha Derse graffiti dot backing)

  1. 2016 made the pieces, (Sue Spargo Embroidery Quilt); layered textured embroidery, very very hard! standing ovation from Julie!