Thursday, February 11, 2021

February 2021 Meeting and Raffle

 Please join us at  our upcoming February 16 meeting (Tuesday at 7 pm).  Information on our meeting is below.  We also have another great raffle with three prizes shown (pictures at the end of the post).  Please purchase your tickets via the Paypal button below.  If you want to buy more than one set of an item's tickets, you can return to the button after you make a purchase or change the number of ticket sets for an item at the Paypal site. 

The Raffle is closed.

February Programming - 'Share the Love'

Ever wondered what your membership in the "mother guild," the Modern Quilt Guild, gets you? We are here to tell you! We'll guide you through their website and show you all the resources available from the MQG so you can make the most of your MQG membership.

Do you miss talking to members at meetings and retreats about their latest inspiration? Are you wishing you could ask about that newest designer you heard just about? At February's meeting, we'll do a bunch of sharing. 
Please bring to the meeting what is inspiring and exciting YOU lately
- a great book of patterns or other quilty inspiration (doesn't have to be new; could even be a go-to you've used a "million" times!)
- online resources you use when you are "stuck" (you tube videos? shop web pages?)
- the name(s) of designers you love to follow on social media
- a pattern that has really gotten your attention recently!
We'll all share what we find exciting, and share the love!
Raffle Items 
1. Kaleidoscope- Yarn Dyes by Alison Glass  - New 2021 Colors
    20 Fat Quarters

 2. Flower Society by Art Gallery - 8 Half Yard Cuts


3. Notions! Notions! Notions!
Clover wonder clips, micro-serrated scissors, bobbin holder, magnetic pin caddy, and Creative Grids ruler.