Wednesday, September 9, 2020

September 2020 Meeting and Raffle

We have a very exciting meeting planned for our meeting on September 15!

Maritza Soto of  will be presenting via Zoom a discussion of "Color Interplay" discussing how color value can be used in your work to create depth, movement, and "pop"!   For more on Maritza's work, see her website at  Maritza lives in Cambridge MA, and teaches quilting and patchwork at Gather Here.

We also have a terrific raffle planned for this month focused on new releases from Alison Glass!

Raffle # 1 Kaleidoscope Stripes by Alison Glass - 10 Fat Quarters

Raffle # 2 Kaleidoscope Plaids by Alison Glass - 10 Fat Quarters

And for our Raffle #3 ...

Alison Glass Observatory, her sixth Handcrafted Collection 14 fat quarters

We again will be offering Raffle tickets for each of the three items  (6 for $5 dollar units).  If you want to buy more tickets for an item, on the Paypal check out change your quantity.  When buying tickets for more than one item, on the Paypal check-out select "Keep Shopping" and it will return you to the blog Paypal buttons. Note that you do not have to attend the meeting to participate!

The raffle is closed - good luck to everyone who purchased tickets.