Tuesday, May 30, 2023

June 2023 RAFFLE

 It's a beautiful day for some beautiful fabric! 

June 2023's Raffle Items:

Raffle #1: Brandon Mabely's Reflections (12 pcs)

Raffle #2: Anna Maria Horner's Fluent (18 pcs)

April 2023 Meeting Recap

 New Hampshire Modern Quilt Guild

General Membership Meeting

March 16, 2023 (snow date)

1 Concord St. Nashua, NH 

6:30 Doors Open; 7:00 Meeting Begins

  • Regular guild business

    • Visitors Tasha and her daughter Rachel, Tracy, Barbara. Welcome!

    • We have made $200 dollars in the door raffle, which means $80 profit

    • Next meeting will be June 8th.

      • We are meeting at the First church again.

    • Retreat update

      • We have 34 people signed up to go to the retreat!

      • There is 1 opening for a shared room. 2 or 3 nights if anyone is interested

    • Charity quilts

      • 12 quilts ready (+2 more!)

      • 5 baby quilts, Leslie

      • So far we gave 32 total quilts (wow)

    • Huge thank you to Raya for taking notes and Karen for taking photos!

  • Show and tell

    •  (pictures attached below!)

  • Block of the month

    • Susie and Karen thank you for all your blocks. If you have not returned yours yet it's ok, but get it to us soon

    • New block this month: again, 12.5 inch block, in blue and teal, can be mixed with low volume fabric of your choice.

  • We are planning another block exchange this year

    • 17 people are signed up already. Please sign up and consider being a fill in or doing a second group if you can so we can have full groups.

    • How it works: We will set up groups. You start by bringing in1 yard of fabric of your choice. You will put your fabric and any special requests/instructions into a bag, which will be provided,and pass it to the next person in the group. Each month, each person will make (2) 12.5 square blocks from the fabric provided and any other fabric that you fancy adding in. Return any remnants with your completed blocks and at each subsequent meeting, we will rotate the bags so that you will have yet another member’s fabrics, as well as any blocks that have been made by other group members.At the end, each person in the group will receive many different blocks made by people in your group. Depending on the number of people in each group, you may have 8 (5 members) or 10 (6 members) or 12 (7 members).

    • We’ll have the groups start in June. Each person has a month to make 2 blocks every month after. Please don't make 2 of the same block for 1 person! We aim for variety.

  • June 8th we'll be making a design board

    • Base is boards you can get from craft stores. Karen will have boards and tape for edging.

    • Please bring a 10 inch piece of batting to the June meeting, perhaps with extras for those who forget,  and scissors

  • We are also planning a bag workshop with Simone. Plan to do it over the weekend some time - details will be finalized soon.

  • Special guest: Laurie Mathews.

    • Laurie shared her quilting journey and did a trunk show of her quilts with the help of her (very proud and excited) daughter.

  • Finally, we are planning future speakers: we have so much talent in the group that we wanted to see what we can do within the group. Please think of what you'd like to learn and from whom? What would you like to teach?