Monday, December 5, 2022

December Meeting Update

The December meeting of the NH Modern Quilt Guild is considered the annual meeting, and there are so many reasons to make sure you attend this one! The meeting is at the First Church Nashua, 1 Concord Street, at 7PM on Thursday, December 8. You are welcome to come early, (6:30) to enjoy some fellowship time before the official meeting begins.

Stephanie Richards, Robin Rich and Mary Lou Sozcek have volunteered to be our official “greeters” this month. We are hoping to continue this as our guild has a tradition of being particularly welcoming!


In lieu of an email election, we will be conducting an in-person ballot to elect board members for 2023.  The following people have volunteered to serve:

Ophelia Chang, president

Susie Boots, co-VP of programming

Karen Gilbert, co-VP of programming

Marie Joerger, treasurer and membership

Brianna Henningsen, co-communications

Maura McDonnell co-communications

Pat John, secretary

Carol DiPirro, Lesley Ross and Lori Breen have agreed to stay on as Hospitality, Charity and Retreat Directors.

We will be thanking Jennifer Marks for her service as President.  We also thank Lorri Wurtzler and Chelsea Folini for their service as co-communications director and co-VP of programming, respectively.

Yankee Swap:

December brings holiday cheer, and we are doing a traditional Yankee Swap. If you choose to participate, bring a gift in the theme of quilting, valued at approximately $20, either handmade or otherwise, to swap. Rules?

1.       You should only participate if you enjoy Yankee Swaps. You are under no obligation to do so!

2.       All members will receive a number, whether they choose to participate in the swap or not, for reasons which will explained at the meeting. Even those who do not swap will have a good time!

3.       The Swap participant with the lowest number will start by choosing a gift without touching the gifts on display and unwrap it for all to see.

4.       Going in number order, the next participant chooses and unwraps a gift, and decides whether to swap that gift with any of the players who have already unwrapped a gift. All gifts must be kept visible and available for swapping. There will be a time limit for decisions.

5.       After all participants have had a chance to open and swap, the first participant with the lowest number may swap her gift with any other participant. This is where the play ends. After the play ends, any participants who wish to trade with another, or broker large-scale trades of several members, are welcome to do so; those trades are solely at the discretion of the individuals.


Please bring food to share, whether it be hot or cold, appetizer, main course, or dessert. Many folks signed up to participate but please feel free to participate even if you did not sign up. If you bring something that needs to be warm, bring a warming appliance and extension cord if appropriate. Label your dish with the contents if it isn’t obvious, please. Do not feel as if you must bring enough for everyone; there will be too much food if you do. Please be prepared to take leftovers and dishes home with you at the end of the meeting. Thank you so much!


It’s time to sign up for 2023 membership! Please bring a check so that the guild can save money on PayPal fees.


There will be NO raffles for December, don’t forget your WIPS, show and tell and the postcard you received.