Tuesday, October 24, 2017

QuiltCon 2018 Charity Quilt: Block Instructions

For those of you who are working with Carolanne to make our QuiltCon 2018 charity quilt, this post is for you!

At October’s meeting Carolanne will be handing out packets for you to create blocks for this quilt ...

Each packet will create one of two blocks, as marked on the packet:

Block A

Block B

Whether you’re sewing Block A or Block B, please:

•    Use white or cream thread (to avoid seeing colored thread through the white background!)
•    Bump your stitch length down to about 1.8 (to sew more secure seams!)
•    Sew a scant quarter-inch seam (to get the right block size in the end!)
•    Press your seams open (save your Bloc Loc for another project!)

For both blocks, you’ll need to create half-square triangles (HSTs) and trim them down to 4.5-inch squares.

How to Sew HSTs

1. Draw a diagonal line on one of the squares.

2. Layer that with the other square.

3. Sew a scant quarter-inch seam along either side of the diagonal line.

4. Cut along the diagonal line, and press the seams open.

5. Trim both resulting blocks to 4.5 inches. To get an accurate cut, make sure to line the center seam with the diagonal on your ruler.

6. Your finished block is ready to be inserted into Block A or Block B!

Other Important Info

Please note: Two square pieces of fabric will yield two HSTs.

If you are sewing Block A, use the squares in your packet to make HSTs. The rectangles are cut to size. Sew two of them together length-wise to create a two-toned square (TTSs). There is no need to trim those TTSs.

Sew your HSTs and/or TTSs together into pairs. Sew two pairs together to create Block A or Block B. Press all seams open.

The unfinished size of both Block A and Block B is 8.5 inches square.

Returning the Blocks

Carolanne would love to receive finished blocks by the November 14th meeting. If you have any questions, please email her at carolannel (dot) donovan (at) gmail (dot) com.

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