Tuesday, December 8, 2015

NHMQG charity quilt in progress

A small group of guild members got together to work on the Charity quilt. They took all the pieces and came up with a game plan. Using a design the plan was to piece the made fabric into larger pieces and add borders to these. With the squares we created nine patches, while the remaining squares were scattered throughout the rest of the quilt.  

Once we had this laid out we started to cut background pieces to fill in the space between the blocks that had been made. With lots of trial and error, our group worked the quilt from top to bottom. About half way down we realized there was to much negative space on top. We decided to appliqué circle blocks to fill the negative space.

After adding the circles we decided to add more shapes. Different size triangles and an arrow were added. The top was completed and off to the quilter it goes. Lisa from Garden Gate Quilting has volunteered her services.  Thank you Lisa!

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