Tuesday, August 18, 2015

MQG Charity Challenge {A Work in Progress}

*After purchasing the Michael Miller solids, they decided to add some coordinating prints. We chose grays, aquas, and oranges to compliment the Fog, Aqua, and Mango, while leaving the whites for background and red as an accent color. 

*Coming up with a game plan for a large group of people proved to be a little challenging, especially when we didn't know what the finished product was going to be. Marie and Susie decided to give everyone a 6" blocks and scraps of coordinating fabric to use the "stitch and flip triangle technique". They made 15 packets to hand out to members of their guild. 

*They also decide to hand out packages for members to make fabric with scraps. Here is a sample for of what they were looking for. They decided that red would be the accent fabric so only a few of the packets contained red. 

*At the July meeting, Susie and Marie demonstrated to the guild what they were looking for. All of the packets were handed out and will be returned at the Aug. meeting. One can only imagine what they will do with these blocks......

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