Saturday, April 25, 2015

Retreat Shenanigans

Some of our NHMQG members attended a 4 day retreat in Kennebunk, Maine this past weekend.  Look out Maine we arrived! Too much fun was had by all. The consensus is that we do it again!

Here's some of what happened this weekend ....
We shopped .... 629+ yards of fabric in total bought by retreaters!
Marden's called to say there was a new shipment of modern fabric arriving ... we went crazy.

We did get some sewing done! 

 Lisa was probably up to no good, she does look guilty.  Right?!

Project's were started and finished.

Rene's taking orders .... 

This weekend there were 44 starts, and 15 finishes.  Big pats on the back! 

The walk to the beach was under a mile!

We ate .... a lot. 

Games got played! 

Winners did victory dances! 

All in all it was a great weekend, side splitting laugher was constantly occurring, and shenanigans were always in play. This was one great group to retreat with, so when the next?! 

We also learned we're a tidy group, cleanliness was our forte! 

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