Friday, May 24, 2019

Kennebunk 2019 Spring Retreat

About 20 NHMQG members along with a few friends and family gathered in Kennebunk for a long weekend in early May.  While the weather was mostly pretty rainy and cold, by Saturday the sun was starting to make an appearance.  A number of us took a walk out to the beach.

Everyone was working on diverse range of projects, and there was plenty of cross-fertilization of ideas and techniques.  A few pics below, but definitely not exhaustive of everyone's work -- things were going up and coming off of design walls pretty quickly, and I was working hard to get my project as far along as possible!

Carolyn Friedlander paper piecing project!

Super size multi-colored Alison Glass pattern!

Both paper piecing and English paper piecing all in very pretty blues.

There were several triangle based projects.

Nice blocks and colors.

Major project getting the rows put together.  Fortunately we had lots of floor space to work with.

One of two Mod Mountains projects.

A couple of views of everyone working away.

Lastly some origami styled paper-piecing.  

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