Wednesday, May 3, 2017

March 2017 Show & Tell

March was a busy month for show and tell! Our members brought many of their first quilts to show and their latest quilts. Let's see them!

Gail gave away her first quilt so she wanted to share her latest WIP. These blocks are from the Maureen Cracknell sew along

Diane's first quilt was from Family Circle Magazine in 1986 and it was lost by her in laws! She brought one of her early makes with her and more recently she worked on this fun quilt top at retreat. 

Nancy always gives her quilts away so she brought one early make that she still has. She also brought in a new bag that she made that could carry a baby! 

Sue was visiting us in March. She is a QuiltCon winner for her appliqué and we were thrilled to see her work.

Deb is about to be a first time grandmother and made these two quilts for her grandchild to be!

Janice started quilting in 1989 and made this quilt 3 years ago for her daughter, but she didn't use it!!

Patty made her first quilt in 1995 or 1996 during a "quilt in a day" class at Covered Bridge Quilting. She took the class with a friend and her friend didn't finish. When her friend passed away Patty finished her quilt too.
She also shared a baby quilt for her daughters college roommate and the mini she received at QuiltCon.

Marie started quilting 20 years ago and used old ties to make this quilt for her husband. Her boy and step daughters actually played Twister to make the hand and feet shapes! For contrast she brought in her newest quilt that used circles.

Michelle gave this green quilt to her friend and borrowed it to bring for Show & Tell. It had been very loved! She also shared her 9-patch challenge quilt that was hung at QuiltCon.

Mary Jean's first quilt was for her daughter, but she no longer has it so she brought in the first quilt she made for herself! Mary Jean and fellow member Nancy met through this quilt. Her last quilt is this beautiful Cotton + Steel snowflake quilt with flannel on the back. 

Tracy started quilting in the early 90s quilting with her mother in law and in 1998 bought her own sewing machine. She's recently been trying her hand at modern! And she also shared her Riley Blake challenge, in which she used every bit of fabric. The picture came out very blurry though so please take my word for it!

Betsy made this quilt using Briar Rose fabrics for her daughter and more recently made these hearts for her daughter and granddaughter. 

Lisa didn't realize this would be tough for a beginner quilt, but she kept going and it became a favorite of her husband! It was 1987 and she didn't know how to bind so she just went with it. Her most recent quilt is an incredible shape and she's not sure what to do with it yet.

Susie moved away and took up sewing and then came back to NH and sewed with Patty.

Rene's first quilt was made in 1977 and finished by hand two years late. She also brought some fabulous newer quilts to share, including Labyrinth. 

Pat John made an her first quilt, Around The World Quilt in a day, and tied it in the 1980's. She took it up again when she retired and recently made this Cat in the Hat quilt for her grandson.

Chelsea and her grandmother made this quilt together for her to bring to college.

Ellen brought in one of her early quilts and some of the cool fabric she died at QuiltCon!

Ellen started quilting when she was pregnant and most recently here is her finished block of the month from a few  years ago.

Bridgett  brought in the first quilt that that she machine quilted.

Mary Louise has twin daughters that she made some of her first quilts for. She loves Camille Ross Kelly and 1930's prints in vibrant shades. She also volunteers with Neighbors Helping Newborns making quilts!

Nancy T made garments and wanted to turn her scraps into a quilt before she moved in the 1980's. Her next share was started by her mother and she finished it after she passed away. Her newest quilt was made with a jelly roll!

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